A Throwback to the Joyful Days of the Internet

A Throwback to the Joyful Days of the Internet. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to the late ’90s and early 2000s, shall we? Back then, the internet was like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. Google was just one of the search engines, dial-up internet was the norm, and file-sharing services like Napster were just starting to rock the boat. It was also the golden age of LAN parties, where gamers gathered to duke it out in multiplayer games like “Half-Life” and “StarCraft.”

LAN Parties: Where Gamers Unite

Imagine dimly lit basements and cramped dorm rooms packed with gamers and their bulky desktop monitors. LAN parties were the place to be, with intense gaming sessions that could last for days. Whether you were winning energy drinks or just enjoying the thrill of victory, these gatherings were legendary.

The Evolution of Gaming

Fast forward to today, and the gaming world looks a lot different. It’s gone from a niche hobby to a multi-billion dollar industry dominated by e-sports competitions and corporate giants. For Gen Z gamers who grew up with smartphones, the LAN party days might seem like ancient history.

Nostalgia in “LAN Party”

Writer and podcaster Merritt K captured the essence of those glory days in her photobook “LAN Party.” The response from gamers was immediate and heartfelt, with many sharing their own memories anad photos from LAN parties past.

Even those who didn’t experience LAN parties firsthand couldn’t help but feel the nostalgia. As K put it, “It felt like, ‘Wow, the future is coming.’ It was an exciting time of charting our own way in the digital world.”

A Glimpse Into the Past

The photos in “LAN Party” offer a raw and unfiltered look at life in the early 2000s. Grainy, unedited, and full of charm, they capture a time before selfies and social media took over our lives. It was a simpler time, when people were just figuring out how to navigate the digital landscape.

The Legacy of LAN Parties

Though LAN parties are less common today, they still hold a special place in gaming culture. They’re a reminder of a time when gaming was a communal experience, not just something you did alone in your room. And while the internet has changed a lot since then, the spirit of those LAN parties lives on in the hearts of gamers everywhere.